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Would you like to be prepared for whatever turns your birth could take? You can.

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Your stomach flip flops at the thought of being a Mum. You can’t wait to meet Bub. You think about all the incredible moments you’re going to have with your child. And that first time you clasp eyes on your baby is truly the most earth shatteringly, transformative moment, you’ll ever experience.

However, to get to that moment, you ARE going to have to birth this baby. 

You wonder just how that’s going to go, especially as you ideally want to meet your baby as naturally as possible. There’s a knot emerging in your ever-expanding belly and your thoughts race as you try to return back to sleep in the wee hours of the morning. The closer the day gets, the more you wonder how this birth is actually going to unfold.

What if I told you that it is possible to prepare for whatever turns your birth takes?

What if I told you that you can go in with a massive toolbox of strategies, ones which will enable you to create a positive, confident mindset, to give that natural birth the best shot?

Would you want to know how? 

Hypnobirthing Hobart Sarah Purvey


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hypnobirthing stories
hypnobirthing hobart couple stories

“I am grateful to hypnobirthing for helping me to stay calm.”

Although we didn’t get to use many of the hypnobirthing techniques that we had learned during the actual labour as there was simply no time with Albert, I am grateful to hypnobirthing for helping me to stay calm throughout my pregnancy and especially to help find calmness the night before Albert was born. I do believe that it helped me to relax so that my body could do what it needed to in order to prepare for labour.

— Jess and Steve

“Thanks again for your course I think it helped us better prepare…”

I would truly recommend this course and you as a facilitator to others (and have done so to a few people who are considering getting pregnant.) Not only did you give us information about the birth process, the confidence to ask questions and not just accept what was being told to us at the hospital but also as a couple it allowed us to have some more bonding time during a pretty hectic time in our lives. Thanks again and take care.

— Verity and Garrett

hypnobirthing ceasarean hobart story
hobart hypnobirthing story

“I am left with a feeling of pride for what I achieved …

While my birth was completely different from what I wanted, it was a positive experience. I was always treated with respect and felt safe and cared for. I mostly enjoyed the labour, it was an amazing experience that I am thankful for. I shared the process with George and we worked so well together, I couldn’t have done it without him. I believe the preparation we did for the birth via the hyponobirthing course allowed me to have a positive birth experience, feel in control and calm. I am left with a feeling of pride for what I achieved and how well I dealt with a difficult birth.

— Josephine


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